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Casement windows are available in a number of materials. Picking the right one comes down to aesthetics, durability, on-going maintenance and cost.

WHome Alloy Design & Engineering Work also supply high and safe quality of the aluminium door including swing door, bi-fold & suspended sliding door. View more on the types of aluminium products.


There are many advantages of aluminum such as lightweight, strength, corrosion resistance, durability, ease in fabrication, attractive appearance and easy maintenance make it a popular material for use in modern building.

Aluminium casement window
Aluminium casement window 19
Aluminum-Casement Windows 02
Casement window 04
aluminium casement window 21
sliding window
aluminium multi-point locking casement w
Aluminium casement window 20
aluminium casement window 23
Aluminium casement window 16
Aluminium Folding window
Aluminium casement window & Top Hung 18.
aluminium casement window 24
Aluminium casement window 15
aluminium casement window 26
Aluminium sliding window 3
Aluminium sliding window 5
Casement window 01_edited
Aluminium casement window & Top Hung 21.
Curtain wall 10
Bay window 031_edited
Aluminium Fix panel and swing door 7
aluminium sliding door 26
Aluminium Folding Door 5

More Than 32 feet in length using heavy duty track

Aluminium Fix panel and swing door 5
Aluminium Fix panel and sliding door
Cafe Window Tables
Aluminium swing door
Hinges concealed foldable door
Aluminium Foldable door
Aluminium window
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