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Glass Canopy & Skylight


Glass Canopy & Skylight

Entrance glass canopy or skylight, deck canopies, porch canopies, carport canopies, trellis glazing or any other single glazed overhead glazing – the variety of single glazed applications varies and K&W Glass Innovations can provide it all. 

Different from other companies, Home Alloy Design Glass Innovations exclusively provides laminated glass canopy for your safety. From a wood supported skin system over fully aluminum structures – Pressure System or T-bar System – Home Alloy Glass Innovations will find the right solution for you to meet your budget. 

Home Alloy Design custom design and install glass skylights that will brighten up your living or working space. Using a multitude of systems that are specific to your project, ask us what materials will work best for you. View our gallery of pictures for ideas on skylight installations and contact us with any questions. Some common systems that our customers often inquire about are, standard or custom drop-ons, t-bar skylight and pressure plate skylights. Call us now to start your new experience.

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