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Modern Grilles

Contemporary Grille Design 

Modern security grille door are made from stainless steel, mild steel & wrought iron.

Stylish Modern Grille. Stunning colors. Sleek finishes. No matter what design you have in mind, Home Alloy Design & Engineering Work allows you to achieve it in style with our Contemporary window and door grille options.​

Mix + Match

Streamline your design with contemporary finishes, or let understated colors be the showstopper. Go bold with a textured black exterior or a painted black interior. Home Alloy Design * Highlight your views with a low profile 90-degree corner window or a sprawling 20-foot multi-slide door. Home Alloy Design product combinations are nearly endless...

  • Take a daring approach with white interiors and hardware that serve as strong accents against other colors.

  • Choose black finishes for a powerful contrast to lighter colors in a modern design, or an inviting, seamless complement to darker shades.

  • Create a hint of drama and elegance in any door or window by incorporating bronze or black into your palette.

  • Add a sense of lightness to your home with satin nickel.

  • Brighten things up with brushed chrome, which offers a lighter luster than satin nickel while maintaining a subtle look.

  • Make your hardware stand out from its surroundings with the brilliant sheen of polished chrome. 

Wrought Iron Grilles

Beauty & Security

Grilles are one of the most important part of your house whether it’s to cover your windows or some exterior projection. With proper placement of wrought iron window grilles, you can keep your house airy, ventilated, dry and cool. Whether you live in cute cottage, high floors, or in units, window grilles are very important to ensure security and safety of your property and family. In addition, they also enhance the beauty of your house, as they are the first thing noticed by visitors and are most exposed to weather. Therefore, besides providing security to your house, grilles must also be attractive, pleasing and decorative. As one of the best Grille fabricator in Malaysia Home Alloy Design & Engineering work offers you best returns on your investment.

Benefits Of Installing Wrought Iron Grilles In Your House

* Wrought iron can be easily customized to look like a perfect piece of art. It can quickly take intricate shapes so you can get abstract or geometrical designs like moon, leaves, sun as per your requirements.

* They can be easily colored as per your landscape or theme. 

* Wrought iron is widely acclaimed for its unmatched strength. It is one of the most robust metals in existence. It is the best option for all those who want to reinforce the security of their commercial buildings or homes. 

* You can get them in wide variety of shapes and sizes that can be easily integrated into virtually any kind of building design and go a step further in improving the aesthetic appeal of these structures. 

* A wrought iron grill is flexible and can be quickly fashioned in variety of shapes that aluminium cannot. This makes it very easy and convenient to customize as per your requirements. 

* This product is very durable and is the best choice if you’re on a tight budget. It can last for decades and does not need too much maintenance. You just need to paint it occasionally to avoid rusting. 


Benefits Of Choosing An Experienced Manufacturer 
You can find so many window & door grille manufactures on the market. Many of them are now online and offer a wide range of products. You need to choose a good company with a long list of satisfied customers. When you want to choose the best window grill for your house or commercial property, you need to choose the best manufacturer. 

Best Raw Materials

Good manufacture uses high quality raw materials for all their products. You can easily choose the items best suitable for your property, for instance, wrought aluminium, casement window, aluminium gate, and many other products. With Home Alloy Design you would be able to use these products for a long time without worrying about maintenance procedures to improve the safety of your house.

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