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The stairs can come in many different lovely designs. It could be a simple modern stairs with floating trends or a classic one made of wood with intricate carvings on its balusters in the railings. It can also be antique ornamental steel or a small staircase for a home with limited area & maybe a spiral staircase. Stairs come in various designs these day, Home Alloy Design are going to show you more type of stairs with the modern and contemporary home design trends these days, you can commonly see homes with stairs that has glass railings. It could either be combined with wood or stainless steel or sometimes these are left frameless which is also a good idea. What is good about glass is that it can be used in various forms and styles from straight ones to curvy ones. Hence, we created a roundup of stairs with glass railings inside homes to give you an idea of what design suits your house best. Glass railings may look fragile but when installed properly, it can actually be a sturdy and beautiful material for the home.








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Stairs are so commonplace in architecture that you might not give them a second thought. But as evidenced by modern stair design, it’s something that we should pay attention to more. When done well, they transcend their primary function and become sculptural works of art that make ordinary places come alive.

The best staircase design considers both form and space; it utilizes the area that’s available and activates it in a way that leads your eye from the top of the landing, down to the base. 


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